Six Meter BBQ
Sept 29-30, 2023

Austin, Texas USA
Six Meter BBQ
Sept 29-30, 2023
Austin, Texas USA

Six Meter BBQ Presentations


Interesting Propagation on 6 Meters.  What Might Happen in the Future? – Carl Luetzelschwab,     K9LA
Grounding and Bonding for VHF Shacks – Tim Duffy, K3LR
VHF Contests from an HF Contesters Perspective – George Fremin, K5TR
Enhancing Your 6 Meter Shack Experience With th Latest Technology – Bob Naumann, W5OV
The JT Modes and Six Meters – Joel Harrison, W5ZN
Advanced Yagi Basics and Construction for VHF Antennas – Kent Britain, WA5VJB
The Latest Update on SDR Technology and User Interfaces at Flex – Ed Gonzalez, KG5FBT and    Abed Haque, AB5ED
Strategies for Setting Up and Operating Your VHF Station for Contesting – George Fremin, K5TR




A Review of the New Low Noise 6 meter LFA Yagis Designed by Justin Johnson, G0KSC – Tim Duffy, K3LR, COO DX Engineering
A Review of the Current Radio Technology Concerning Six Meter Performance – Rob Sherwood, NC0B of Sherwood Engineering
The Evolution of FT8 and JT65 and Their Impact on 6 meters – Jon Jones, N0JK, Editor of ARRL QST VHF Column
High Performance 6 meter DXing, Contesting and Even Mountain Topping – David Shoaf, KG6IRW, Manager of World Wide Distribution for Elecraft
Noise Figures, Gain and Loss:  Understanding how to get the Most out of Your 6 meter Station – Steve Hicks, N5AC, VP Engineering for FlexRadio Systems
Six Meter Complete Station Remote Control & Monitoring – Steve Simons, W1SMS, Owner Lunar Link Amplifiers
A Rugged Center-Mount Halo for 6M – Tom Haddon, K5VH

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